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Creating an Invoice from your Products & Services tab
Creating an Invoice from your Products & Services tab

Easily create or add to an existing Invoice from your Products & Services tab.

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Creating or Adding to an Invoice from your Products & Services

Want to create an Invoice from an entire View or particular filters? You can easily do so from the Products & Services tab of a project.

First, you'll open the Project and go to the Products & Services tab. Make sure you are not within a certain view so all of your products and services are listed.

Click "Add To" in the upper right-hand corner.

Select "Invoice"

Select an Invoice you've already created to add items to it or click "Create New Invoice" to start a new one!

**Note** Have a lot of Invoices?

Use the search bar to quickly find the existing Invoice you're looking for

If you're creating a new Invoice, create an Invoice number in the pop-up menu, and click "Create."

**Pro Tip** If you click "Next" it'll automatically go to the Invoice you had last selected or created in this menu.

Filter through your Products & Services items to easily find the specific items you'd like to add.

You can filter by:

Views - Do you create your Invoices by space? Select the View to grab all the items from any particular room

Vendors - Sort through vendors to find particular items. For instance Fabricut for fabric and hardware.

Category - Do you create your Invoices by Lighting, Plumbing, and Finishes? Select the Category you'd like to filter by the categories you've added to your products when creating them.

Types - Do you want only Products? Only Services? Products & Custom Products? Filter them through the Types dropdown.

Show Custom Product Headers or Custom Product Sub-Items - Do you want the client to see only the Custom Product Header? Or would you prefer they see the items that make up the Custom Product grouping?

Tags - Find all items with a particular tag attached to the Product in the Products & Services tab

Once you've filtered your items, you can click "Add all" to add all the items from your filters or individually select the items you would like to add then click "Add to Invoice."

**Note** This will only show items within this particular Project's Products & Services that are not already on an Invoice.

Click the " X " next to any items you did not mean to select then click "Confirm!"

A green notification will appear at the bottom of the screen confirming the item(s) have been successfully added to the invoice.

Then you'll go to your Invoices tab to add any additional elements.

Combine Items

Products sharing the same base item, rate (client’s price), and tax rate can now be consolidated into a single line item on the invoice.

After adding the products to the invoice, choose the same items from the Item List and then select 'Combine'.

If the products do not have the same base item, price, and tax rate, they cannot be combined and a notification will be displayed.

**Note** Did you open the newly created Invoice and it showed blank? Sometimes we work faster than our computers! Refresh your page and you should be good to go!

Learn more about Products & Services or Invoices here!

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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