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Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.3.1
Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.3.1

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2022-12-06

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  • Project Moodboards: Added hotspots; when clicked or tapped the hotspot opens an informational dialog that can also include a link to a specific URL; product from the catalog can be selected to auto populate the information card

  • Client Credits: Added ability to create and apply client credits, including retainers, deposits, returns, and cancellations

  • Project Index: Projects can now be filtered by team member

  • Studio Reporting: Added Payment Reports showing individual payments

  • Mobile: Hyperlinked phone numbers so users can tap on link to call client/team member/vendor

  • Message Center: Added bullet points and numbered list capabilities

  • Search Boxes: Added search icon empty search boxes

  • Project Products & Services Views: See the designer's cost totals when in table view


  • Product Catalog: Updated products to use the new tag resource and converted old tags to the new tag resource

  • Project Moodboards: Moodboards are now listed in alphabetical order

  • Time Tracker: Tasks in timer/tracker will now show alphabetically

  • Time Tracker: Date and time can now be edited separately

  • Project Moodboards: Better indication of which item images match which items in the legend

  • Project Orders: When selecting the vendor header, vendors will be organized alphabetically

  • Product Catalog: Archived vendors will not show in Product Catalog search

  • Project Product & Services View: When generating a PDF of a Table View with the Vendor information on, the URLs will now wrap

  • Vendors: Deleting Markup/Discount will now save rather than requiring you to type in 0


  • Time Tracker Report PDF: Time report PDF date range will no longer show 1 day later than filtered

  • Project Products & Services Views: Client Discount column hidden in table view when markup/discount field visibility is turned off

  • Project Proposals: Fixed issue that caused some users to experience a gray box when trying to add items to a Proposal from P&S

  • Time Tracker: Fixed issue that caused some users to experience time description not saving when manually editing time entries and/or when editing time entries

  • Project Products & Services List: Vendor added to service in Products & Services List will now show in table view


  • Packages: Packages will no longer show "not visible" on Moodboards and Files & Media (Moodboards and Files & Media are automatically visible to clients on purchased packages)

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