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Edit your Design Board/ Moodboard Hotspots

Edit hotspots on your Moodboards to allow clients to see more information and purchase products directly!

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Edit Hotspots

Open the moodboard you wish to edit the hotspots for then open your Item list on the right-hand side of your moodboard.

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Move the toggle on the Item List to the right to access your "Hotspot Layers."

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Click on the name of the Hotspot you wish to edit then click "Edit hotspot."
​**Note** You can click the Hotspot on the moodboard and then the pencil icon to edit as well.

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Edit information such as Product Name, Product Link, Description, Finish, Color, Dimensions, Weight, and Additional Images then click "Update hotspot."

​**Note** Any information updated for the hotspot will not change the information in your Product Catalog. So, you can make it client specific!

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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