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Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.4.0
Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.4.0

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2023-01-11

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  • Task Management

  • Invoice Payments: % payment calculator

  • Invoice PDFs: Hyperlink added to Pay Now on invoice PDF

  • Views: Product/Service image thumbnails added to Sort View option


  • Client Dashboard and Navigation: Client dashboard and navigation were updated to make it clearer and easier for the client to know what to do and where to go

  • Proposals and Contracts: Now use switches instead of checkboxes for setting as published

  • Product and Service Catalogs: Background of image box now matches card background


  • Proposal Comment Notification: Clicking on the comment notification alert will take you into the corresponding Proposal

  • Invoice PDFs: Payments now show in order on Invoice PDF

  • Files & Media: Fixed an issue that caused the Files & Media of some purchased packages to show a gray box


  • Studio Updates: On-screen notification and prompt to refresh for the latest version

  • Dropdowns: Added pagination

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