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Importing an AutoCAD File to the Visualizer
Importing an AutoCAD File to the Visualizer

Guidelines for how to import a CAD document to the Visualizer

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Before importing a CAD document to the Visualizer, review these guidelines to ensure a successful upload.

Please remember the CAD import tool supports simple floor plan drawings only.

  • The import tool accepts .dwg and .dxf files format only (.DWG ≤ 5 MB, .DXF ≤ 10 MB).

  • Only one floor plan drawing per CAD file is supported (more than 1 floor plan within particular file may cause that drawings will not be recognized and import will fail).

  • Only AutoCAD files can be uploaded.

  • Before uploading .dwg or .dxf file it is recommended to remove the location lines from the drawing.

  • The wall thickness the program supports is within 50 ~ 400mm.

  • The wall length must be 200 mm minimum.

  • All rooms within imported CAD file should be closed area.

  • The program only supports the default wall mode of AutoCAD (two parallels).

  • The program import tool process the simple AutoCAD projects, unnecessary objects like cars, trees,furniture may affect the import process and cause the import failure.

  • The unit used in the AutoCAD file must be mm.

  • Keep horizontal/ vertical walls withing the AutoCAD drawing only. Slant floor plan will not be supported.

To begin the import, start a new project and select the Import CAD option.


  • No valid household map has been detected please remove the excess segment, split the household type after import, and meet the size of the household type is greater than 2.5mx2.5m

    Cause: The wall thickness is too small to be detected. should be 50-400mm

    Resolution: zoom in and enlarge the project to meet wall thickness 50 ~ 400mm requirement.

  • Import timeout, please contact customer service.

    Cause: temporary network connection error (customer’s or program side), file is too complex, file contains more than one drawing of floor plan.

    Resolution: remove all unnecessary lines, objects, furniture. Simplify the project and retry. The unit need to be mm.

  • Unable to detect walls

    Cause: This error may be caused by the location lines in your floor plan. Your original CAD file may like this:

Remove those location lines and upload them again.

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