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Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.6.0
Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.6.0

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2023-02-27

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  • Custom Product templates

  • Package templates

  • Ability to update the project while editing board

  • Project Design Boards

    • Add + /- button for zooming board

    • Selector for switching between boards without needing to go to index screen

  • Product Catalog: Ability to sort Products in Catalog by Date Created - Oldest first

  • Message Center: Sorting/filtering in messages

  • Resource Center: Added Education links


  • Moodboards name changed to Design Boards

  • Project Design Boards

    • Grid in board stays off when turned off

    • Manipulation UI will no longer scale with viewport

    • Improved clicking and dragging

  • Project Products & Services List: Not have text overlay on image when adding items within P&S tab

  • Product Catalog: Be able to delete the MSRP (not just show 0)

  • Orders: Product name and details on an order are now copyable

  • Invoices: Be able to remove due date from a payment

  • Product Shipping: Shipping on a product will now show in all cases

  • Table view: adjusted designer cost subtotals column and profit column


  • Proposals: No longer show custom product subitem titles when custom product header is added to Proposal


  • Tasks: Paginated dropdown in the time entry dialog

  • Message Center: Improved the way the message center remembers draft messages

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