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Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.8.0
Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.8.0

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2023-04-25

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  • Mobile Apps: Added in-app product clipping

  • Client Dashboard Action and Task Center: Added questionnaires and appointments as actions

  • Client Resource Center: Added a client help/resource center where designers can choose from set FAQ questions and responses, create their own FAQs, or have a combination of the two

  • Projects: Added the ability to tag projects

  • Project Index: Added the ability to filter projects by tag

  • Project Products & Services: Added the ability to filter by product catalog tags when adding products to a project from within a project’s Products & Services list

  • Project Design Boards: Added the ability to choose different board sizes

    • ANSI A (Letter)

    • ANSI B (Tabloid)

    • A1

    • A2

    • A3

    • ARCH C

    • ARCH D

  • Project Design Boards: Added the ability to choose portrait or landscape orientation

  • Invoices: Added Client address on invoices for better exporting to QuickBooks online

  • Invoices: Added more stripping of special characters in product names and descriptions when exporting invoices to QuickBooks Online

  • Task Management: Added ability to sort tasks alphabetically

  • Task Management: Added the ability to create task templates

  • Task Management: Added the ability to Import tasks from Asana and Instagantt


  • Project Design Boards: Simplified the toolbar and moved the Export option out of the settings

  • Task Management: Moved “Sort by” to the top of the filter panel

  • Notifications: Notification alert history will no longer automatically clear out the notification when clicked; individual notification alerts can be closed out by swiping

  • Project Products & Services: Changed product URL to launch button on product variant cards for better formatting

  • Project Proposals and Orders: Switched to manual combining of order and proposal line items rather than automatic


  • Multi-Device Logins: Updated login tokens to better maintain multi-device logins

  • Proposals, Invoices, and Orders: Updated filters to match the filters found in the Products & Services “Add to” dialog

  • Dropdown menus: Updated dropdown formatting throughout for consistency

  • Package Purchased Emails: Updated formatting

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