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How to make use of the Help Center for self-learning?
How to make use of the Help Center for self-learning?

Learning to use the Help Center!!

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To make the utmost use of the Help Center, it is important to learn about the navigation and getting around within the Help Center.

Every major feature and every logical topic in Mydoma has been carved out as a separate section called a Collection in the Help Center for easier access.

Example: In the screenshot below, Get Started with Mydoma, Product Clipper, Team Management and Projects are all Collections in the Help Center.

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Using the Table of Contents for quick navigation

There is a Table of Contents on the right side of each article to help you navigate easily to important content regarding the topic in the same article.

As soon as you click on a particular topic in the table of contents, the article will take you to that particular spot.

This is great for quickly navigating to the topic of interest rather than reading through the entire article in case you are in a hurry.

For example, let's say I just want to quickly learn how to edit a tag, I ca just click on the How do I edit a Tag header from the Table of Contents on the right side.

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If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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