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How to efficiently use the In-App Chat/ Support?
How to efficiently use the In-App Chat/ Support?

Learn how to best make use of your In-App Chat

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Accessing the Live In-App Chat

Are you looking to connect with the live Mydoma Support team, if so you and your team members are able to connect to our team from within the Studio portal. 

Step 1: You can access your In-App support, by clicking on the Question mark icon from any screen within your studio.

Click here

Step 2: Now, from the resource center, you can click on the bottom option, which is to Connect with Support.

Click here

Step 3: You will see the In-App Chat widget opens at the bottom right corner and it allows you to not only send in your queries to the Mydoma Support team but also has a help center embedded in there.

Click here

Accessing all your old support messages and sending new requests

Step 1: In order to send in a new message you can either click on Send us a message option in the middle or click on the messages icon at the bottom and then send a message.

Click here

Step 2: This screenshot shows that you can type and send your message to the Mydoma Suppor team.

Press Enter

Step 3: You are easily able to access your old support ticket to review resolutions within the Mydoma In-App chat. Each message that shows up here also has a time stamp, for example, 3w ago, etc. to give you an idea of the time frame and potentially narrow down your search.

Click here

How to access Help Articles from within the In-chat widget?

Within the in-app chat, you also have the ability to access your Mydoma Help Center.

IMP TIP: This is a great place in order to open up your help articles when you are accomplishing a task/ or taking any action in Mydoma and if you are in need of a quick refresher.

Step 1: You are able to click on the Help option within the in-app chat to access the entire Mydoma Help Center.

Click here

Step 2: Let's say you or your team member wanted to learn more about adding and inviting clients to your studio, you are easily able to access the help articles within the in-app chat.

Click here

Step 3: You are able to expand and contract the help widget to adjust it on your screen, while you are working within your studio. Also, to go back to a section or another topic, just click on the back arrow as shown in the screenshot below.

Click here

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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