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Tech Tip Tuesday- Client Credits - July 11th, 2023
Tech Tip Tuesday- Client Credits - July 11th, 2023

Let's learn how to apply client credits.

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Happy Tech Tip Tuesday!

Today, I'm showing you how to create and apply Client Credits.

Client Credits are an easy way to track and manage credits that are owed to your clients. This can include retainers, prepaid blocks of hours, credits for returns and cancellations, and refunds. Using Client Credits can help you improve your financial management, streamline your billing process, and uplevel your customer service.

Client Credits can also help you build trust with your clients and help you avoid disputes. Having a clear record of credits eliminates confusion and makes your client’s financial obligations clear.

** Pro Tip **

Don’t forget that you will need to explain the Client Credit system to your clients. This includes explaining how credits work, how they can be used, and how they can be tracked. Clients can see a clear overview of their credit balance, so walking them through it will help them understand their financial obligations and avoid any surprises.

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