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Tech Tip Tuesday - Using Direct View Links - July 25th, 2023
Tech Tip Tuesday - Using Direct View Links - July 25th, 2023

Learn how easy it is to share your Views with Clients and Contractors!

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Welcome To Tech Tip Tuesday!

Have you ever wished for a super-easy way to share your Views with clients and contractors?

If you’ve already caught the Best Practices for Working with Clients in Mydoma webinar, then you’re on the right track to mastering client communication. In today’s Tech Tip Tuesday, we reveal a hidden gem that’ll take your client and contractor interactions to a whole new level: the amazing “Copy View Link” feature! 💡

The Copy View Link feature is your new best friend because, with it, you can say hello to a seamless and lightning-fast connection! 🚀 Using it makes it a breeze to get direct links to your Views so you can share them via messages, QR codes on job site documents, and more! Spread the magic of efficient communication, and let your clients be wowed by your tech savviness. Your contractors will love you for it too!

Got something you’d like to see us cover in a future Tech Tip Tuesday? Then be sure to head over to our Facebook Group, Mydoma Studio Designers, and let us know!

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