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Order Shipment Tracking
Order Shipment Tracking

How to keep track of order shipment tracking details like tracking numbers, ETAs, which items have been delivered, and more

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Welcome to the guide on using Order Shipment Tracking! With this feature, you can easily keep track of your order shipments so you'll always know when to expect items and which items you've received. This article will walk you through the steps to make the most of this powerful tool.

Introduction to Order Shipment Tracking

The Order Shipment Tracking feature allows you to manage your shipments efficiently. Here's an overview of what you can do with this feature:

  • Add Tracking Numbers: You can add shipment tracking numbers to individual order line items. Tracking numbers can be quickly copied by clicking on the copy button in the shipping details

  • Track Dates: Add estimated arrival dates as well as received dates to the order line items.

  • Tracking Links: Attach tracking links for quick access to shipment details.

  • Tracking Notes: Add notes to a line item's tracking details.

  • Prevent Deletion: Once a shipment exists, you can't accidentally delete the order line item(s) associated with it.

  • View Line Item Tracking Numbers: Easily see the tracking numbers for each line item on an order in the line item's information.

  • View Shipment Details: Within the order, you can easily see a shipment's details by clicking on the More menu and selecting edit. Details include:

    • Tracking number

    • Tracking link

    • Carrier

    • Estimated arrival date

    • Received date

    • Notes

  • View an Order's Tracking Numbers: Easily see all tracking numbers on an order

  • Generate Shipping Reports: Create shipping reports (in the Reports section of your studio) for better insights into your shipments.

  • Filter and Sort Reports: Filter and sort shipping reports by various criteria, including project, order number, tracking number, vendor, and estimated arrival date, and more

Adding Shipment Tracking Information

To add shipment tracking information to an order, navigate to that order in your project and open it.

Next, scroll to the order line item you wish to track and click the Add Tracking Details button.

The Add Tracking Details box will open in the side panel. Click to open the Tracking Number dropdown.

In the dropdown, type or paste the tracking number into the search box. The system will search to see if you have already created that tracking number.

If this is a new tracking number, click Create.

Next, you'll enter the tracking details and then click Add when you are done.

  • If you have it, add the tracking link for quick access to detailed shipment information.

  • Enter the shipment carrier.

  • Enter the estimated arrival date and, once the item is delivered, add the delivery date.

  • Add any notes to the shipping information. Don't forget that you can come back later and add more notes if needed. (For example, to note delays, damage, etc.)

If you are adding an existing tracking number, you can select the existing tracking number, instead of creating a new tracking number.

Viewing Shipment Information on an Order

You can easily view shipment information on your orders.

Shipment Section

All of the shipments on an order can be found in an order's Shipment section.

Click on the down arrow beside a tracking number to see all of the products on the order that are in that shipment.

If you have a tracking link for the shipment you may add that too. Enter the number and select the pencil icon.

Enter the tracking number with the link under Tracking Link and hit Save.

The tracking number will be a link you can click on to open the carrier's tracking page.

You can also click the Copy button under Recent Shipments or Tracking Number to copy the tracking number for an easy copy/paste ability.

Line Items

To open the shipment details, including tracking links and notes, click on the three dots next to the Tracking Number to open the More menu:

Then click on Edit.

The Edit Tracking Details box will open in the side panel:

Shipping Reports

Our shipping reports feature provides valuable insights into your shipments. Shipping Reports can be found in the Reports section of your studio.

The information on the report includes shipment tracking numbers, products found on the shipment, shipment carrier, and the estimated arrival date or received date.

You can click the Copy button to copy the tracking number for an easy copy/paste ability.

To see all of the products that are in that shipment, click on Products next to the tracking number. The list of products and their statuses and order numbers will show in the side panel.

To edit a shipment, select the pencil icon to edit under Shipment. The Edit Tracking Details will open. You can edit the tracking number, tracking link, carrier name, estimated arrival date, received date, and notes. When you're done, make sure to click Save.

Note: You can navigate to the actual order by clicking on the order number beside the product. If you need to do more in the reporting section, don't forget to use the internal back button on the order page to quickly and easily navigate back to your reports.

Filtering, Sorting, and Searching Shipment Reports

You can filter and sort the report to find the information you need quickly:

Search by

  • Tracking Number

  • Carrier

Filter by

  • Project

  • Order #

  • Tracking #

  • Vendor

  • Not Received/Received

  • Estimated Arrival Date/Received Date

Sort by

  • Tracking #

  • Date

We hope this guide helps you make the most of our Order Shipment Tracking feature. Happy tracking!

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner of your studio to chat with a member of our team.

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