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Files & Media Folders and Embeds - Request Approval
Files & Media Folders and Embeds - Request Approval

Get your clients or outside team members to approve and sign off on Files & Media Folders or Embeds!

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Request Approval from within the Folder or Embed

When you're ready for the Folder or Embed to be reviewed by your clients or team members for approval (this is especially useful for outside team members), open the folder or embed and toggle the Request Approval switch from the left to the right.

Once you do, you'll see an Approval Requested label at the top as well as an Approve button at the bottom.

Approving a Folder or Embed

Your client or team member can then log in to their Studio and click on their notifications to be taken directly to the folder or embed.

Once they're in the folder or embed, they can click the Approve button at the bottom. They will then type in their name (like an e-signature) then click "Approve." **Note** They must enter their name exactly as it shows on their client profile. If your client is having trouble approving, click here to see some of the common reasons that this may be.

Once it has been approved, you'll see an Approved label with a timestamp on it as well as the name of the person who approved it:

Request Approval from Files & Media Index

You can also request approval from your project's Files & Media Index.

To do so, click the three dots on the item and select Request Approval in the More menu:

Once you do that, the folder or embed will be labeled as Approval Requested:

After your client or team member has approved it, the label will change to Approved:

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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