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Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.13.0
Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.13.0

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2023-09-12

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  • Project Orders: Order Tracking: Added the ability to add shipment and tracking details to order line items

  • Reports: Shipping: Added Shipping Reports

  • Studio Settings: Payments - Pass Payment Fees: Added the ability to set "Pass fees to Clients" as the studio default for invoices; this can be overridden on individual invoices

Note: By choosing to pass credit card fees onto a client, you agree to adding a fee line item to their checkout total and to having legal right to do so in your local jurisdiction.

  • Mobile App: In-App Product Clipper: Added the ability to select multiline information by tapping

  • Project Invoices: PDFs: Added the option for QR codes on invoice PDFs for ease of payment

  • Project Products & Services: Added the ability to click on links in product descriptions

  • Project Orders: Added the ability to update order statuses from a project's Order Index


  • Scroll Bars: Scroll bars will now always show on desktop

  • Project Products & Services: Products & Services sections will remember the display type (card or table) you last used on your device

  • Project Products & Services: Views - PDFs: Added the ability to include product descriptions in PDFs that are created from table display views

  • Project Design Boards: Updated the border and adjustment controls of items that are behind other items to make the controls easier to use without having to change the item's layer

  • Mobile App: In-App Product Clipper: Made adjustments to the Add to step for clarity

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