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Tech Tip Tuesday: Project Commissions Report- October 3, 2023
Tech Tip Tuesday: Project Commissions Report- October 3, 2023
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Welcome To Tech Tip Tuesday!

Today, Paxton is going to go over creating and using Project Commissions Report Views.

First, let's think about how designers typically earn commissions.

Many retailers offer commissions to encourage designers to endorse and recommend their products to their clients. When a client purchases a product from one of these sources (whether in person or through an affiliate link), the retailer sends the designer a commission–usually a percentage of the retail cost.

For designers who specify retail products that their clients can purchase on their own, working with retailers who offer commissions has a number of advantages:

  • Retail commissions add to designers’ income by earning commissions on sales generated through their recommendations, complementing their design fees.

  • Designers don’t need to handle ordering, logistics, or warranty issues – all of that is taken care of by the retailer.

  • The procurement process becomes more straightforward, allowing designers to concentrate on their design skills.

Designers who prefer a mix of approaches can use affiliate programs for specific products to increase income and flexibility while still providing complete procurement services for specialized or custom items.

In this tech tip you will learn how to:

  • Create commission report views and differentiate for commissions earned.

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