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Tech Tip Tuesday - Design Board Views & Hotspots October 17, 2023
Tech Tip Tuesday - Design Board Views & Hotspots October 17, 2023
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Welcome to Tech Tip Tuesday!

Today’s tip is about how you can take advantage of work you’ve already done to quickly add products from one of your project’s views to a design board and how to add hotspots with additional information, notes, images, and product links.

Adding products to your Design Boards from Views you’ve already created can be a real time-saver! By pulling images and information from work you’ve done organizing your products and services, you skip right over the busywork of starting from scratch.

Linking hotspots to your existing product details also means you can focus on curating rather than creating all new content. And when you reuse assets you’ve already fine-tuned, you can trust you’re referencing accurate, up-to-date information on your boards. It’s efficient, consistent, and helps keep your boards focused.

  • Learn to add products to a board from one of your project views.

  • Adding hotspots with information and links.

Happy designing!

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