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Tech Tip Tuesday - Naming Your Projects - Feb 14, 2024
Tech Tip Tuesday - Naming Your Projects - Feb 14, 2024
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Welcome To Tech Tip Tuesday!

This Tech Tip Tuesday is all about best practices for naming your projects and the related invoices, orders, proposals, and other files. Having a naming convention lets you instantly see which document goes with which client and project, just by glancing at the name. It’s key for organization–and for your sanity–when you’re juggling multiple design projects.

Whether you just launched your interior design business or you have years of experience, staying organized is critical. Having a standard way to name all client files, invoices, orders, and proposals not only keeps documents easy to locate, but makes you look even more professional and polished to your clients and collaborators.

Instead of spending time trying to clarify multiple vaguely named files, you’ll have a set way to name things that takes away any confusion about specific project components.

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