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Team Management Overview
Team Management Overview

Creating roles such as Contractors, Designers, 3D Renderers, Virtual Assistants, and more then inviting them to login to your Studio.

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Team Member Roles

Team member roles allow you to set specific viewing, editing and creation parameters for each user you grant access to. This meaning that if you have many different employees, assistants, trades, sub trades, etc. You are now able to allow each of them specific permissions to areas of your projects.

Team Management

In the top left of your screen, click on your logo mark, Studio Name, or the cogwheel to access the "Team Management" menu. You can add users within this section and determine what they can and can't see or do.

An example might be a design assistant; You may want to give them access to view projects, views/spaces, and payments, but not the ability to edit all aspects of them.

Because everyone works differently with their employees, trades, and clients we wanted to be sure that you have as much flexibility to work the way you want.

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