In Mydoma Studio you can use the reporting tool to see an overview for the following:

Purchase orders/ Work Orders

Invoices and


Order Reports:

You can easily sort your purchase orders by date, status and project as well as leave status notes to further organize your Po's and relay details between team members.

Take a look at the navigation below to get to your PO/ Invoice/ Packages report, filter and leave a status note.

Invoice Reports:

You are able to see a date range and sort by currency, payment method, project and space for all of your invoices.

PRO TIP: For the invoices, the filter is now based on Paid Date for start and end dates for PAID INVOICES and the filter is based on Date created for start and end dates for UNPAID INVOICES.

Packages Report:

You can now extract a report on packages sold, you can utilize various filters to export the most useful report for your use. You can export the packages sold report by Package category, or by individual package only, or by Client.

Pro Tip: Want to give your Accountant or Bookkeeper access? Simply make them a users and set their permissions. 

Here is an example of what permissions you can set for a book keeper, but remember you can always "view as" any role you create, including the client.

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