Mydoma Studio uses the term Clients and QuickBooks uses the term Customers. These are essentially the same thing.

  • QuickBooks Naming Convention: The naming convention for customers in QuickBooks is first name and last name on the same field. Followed by phone number and email.

  • Mydoma Studio Client Naming Convention: Mydoma also has first name, last name, email and phone number. 

  • If you have a new client, please make sure you create the client first in Mydoma, by entering a first and last name email and phone number. When these fields are filled out in Mydoma Studio information will be translated over to QuickBooks, upon the first invoice export for this client.  

💡💡 Pro Tip: Please ensure that your clients in Mydoma Studio have unique names and emails. By doing so you’ll ensure that your data is exported and synced correctly in QuickBooks. 💡💡

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