As we covered in section three, invoices in Mydoma Studio can include both services and products you sell. When you export a paid invoice from Mydoma Studio that has products on it you can control where the income goes in Quickbooks by mapping product categories to income accounts.  This means every time you sell a product in particular product category the income will go into the correct account automatically!

The following example will show you how to map your product categories in Mydoma Studio to income accounts in Quickbooks. 

1. Have your Quickbooks online account open in one browser tab and your Mydoma Studio account in another. 

2. From within Mydoma Studio click studio settings> accounting

On the accounting page you will see a list of all the product categories from Mydoma Studio. Each of these categories can be mapped to an income account in Quickbooks. 

3. Click on the product category and the income accounts from your Quickbooks account will automatically be loaded in. 

4. Select which income account you’d like the products of that category to go to **Once your Quickbooks online account is connected to Mydoma Studio, by default it will show all of your available income accounts in Quickbooks.**

5. Repeat the process for each category 

By default “uncategorized” products will go into a special income account called “Mydoma Product Suspense Account” in Quickbooks. Income here can be manually moved to the correct income account. This can be avoided by ensuring you “categorize” the products in you mydoma Studio catalog. 

What happens if I add a new income account in Quickbooks? 

The next time you log into your Mydoma Studio account the newly added account(s) will be available and product categories can be mapped to them.

What happens if I change an income account that a product category has been previously  mapped to? 

Existing Invoices that have been exported to Quickbooks will not be affected by the change. If you want to change those you can do so within Quickbooks by editing the income account for the individual product(S)

Going forward invoices that are exported with newly mapped categories will put product income into the correct account

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