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Product Catalog Overview

How to add, edit, and manage your product catalog

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Product Catalog and Public Libraries

A solid catalog makes your workflow smoother and helps you impress clients with professional presentations. Like the foundation of a house, your catalog supports the full structure of your projects.

How does that work? Each product in your catalog can be used in multiple ways. That means you can design more efficiently and more profitably.

  • Product Information - The products in your catalog provide the product details, specs, pricing, and imagery needed to quickly build out project requirements.

  • Sending Estimate Requests - Quickly create estimate requests to get accurate quotes from vendors.

  • Creating Proposals - Create proposals to outline product cost estimates for clients.

  • Building Design Boards - Easily add products to boards for inspiration, concept design presentations, and more.

  • Calculating Markup - Easily calculate markups on your products.

  • Invoicing Clients - Generate professional invoices using the products in your project or directly from your product catalog.

  • Ordering from Vendors - Seamlessly turn estimate requests into orders to purchase approved products.

  • Update Pricing and Information Globally - Easily update a product across your studio simply by updating it in your catalog

Have favorite products you like to specify in a project? If so, we have built you a tool for creating your personal product catalog. Products can be added to multiple projects over and over again.

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Prefer to not reuse products in multiple projects? Not a problem! There's no limit to the number of products you can have in your catalog.

Need inspiration? We've got you covered! Our public libraries make it easier than ever to discover inspiring products from top brands and vendors and we regularly add new items from vendor websites so you always have fresh inspiration at your fingertips. The best part? We made it easy to use products from these libraries for your own projects.

Products in your catalog are global. This means if you make changes to a product from within the catalog, it will change everywhere you've used that product.

What would you like to know about the Product Catalog?

Click the topic you wish to learn more about for your Product Catalog to go directly to that Help Guide. At the bottom of each Help Guide, you redirect to from the list below, there is a link to take you back here!

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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