This article covers all the technical reasons why an invoice isn't exporting to QuickBooks and solutions to help!

1. Why don't I see the Connect to QuickBooks option?

The option to sync to QuickBooks online is only available on the Team and Agency Plans. If you are currently on the Solo plan you will need to upgrade your account to a higher tier. You can change plans from within your Mydoma Studio Account. More information on billing and plan changes can be found here. Information on our current pricing tiers can be found here.

2. Your invoice numbering system is compatible

  • The Invoice number must be less than 21 characters. You will receive an error if the invoice number is too long when trying to export to QuickBooks.

  • The Invoice number must be unique for an invoice to export successfully to QuickBooks. There should be no existing invoice in QuickBooks with the same number.

3. Your Invoice has a negative balance.

  • An invoice with a negative balance CAN'T be exported to QuickBooks. This is because QuickBooks is unable to accept a negative balance.

  • Therefore, if you need to process a refund for a client, the easiest and most time effective way is to manually add this transaction in QuickBooks and add a note in Mydoma Studio.

4. "String length error message" Issue

  • When exporting an invoice you may receive this error ": String length error message: “String length specified does not match the supported length. Min:0 Max:100 supported. Supplied length:181”

  • This error message tells us that there is a limit on the number of characters for a service and/ or product we've added.

  • To fixe this, edit the service and/ or product title to be less than a 100 characters long and retry the export.

5. QuickBooks online doesn't like certain "special characters"

QuickBooks will not always accept special characters, and if a product title has a trademark or a special character, the invoice won't export to QuickBooks. This issue often happens as a result from copying and pasting directly from vendor websites.

If you're running into this issue, remove the special characters from the products/service.

Here is a list of accepted characters for syncing to QuickBooks:

Alpha-numeric (A-Z, a-z, 0-9)

Comma (,)

Dot or period (.)

Question mark (?)

At symbol (@)

Ampersand (&)

Exclamation point (!)

Number/pound sign (#)

Single quote (')

Tilde (~)

Asterisk (*)

Space ( )

Underscore (_)

Minus sign/hyphen (-)

Semi-colon (;)

Plus sign (+)

6. "There was a problem sending this invoice, please try again." Error message.

At times the QuickBooks online API will time out, just like it does when you've been logged into QuickBooks itself for too long. When that happens, you might you might receive an error saying "There was a problem sending this invoice, please try again."

To fix this, go to the Accounting menu under Studio Settings and disconnect QuickBooks online. Then click "connect" to reconnect your QuickBooks online account. Your previous setting will be saved. More often than not this fixes the issue. Try again to export your paid invoice.

7. Error Message: "The Supplied Name Already Exists: id= some number"

This error is a bit confusing for sure, but it essentially means that there a product or service in Mydoma that has been added as a service or a product in QB, so it is giving this mismatch error, or we can simply say:

A product (in Mydoma) that has the same name as a service (in QuickBooks).

A service (in Mydoma) that has the same name as a product (in QuickBooks).

Example: You have “Shipping” as a product in Mydoma and it has been added as Service in QB. You will need to make sure that you remove Shipping as a product in Mydoma and add it as a Service or vice versa. Therefore, correcting this will help you get rid of the error as well as your invoice will export smoothly.

8. I can't export an invoice with a partial/ deposit payment

Unfortunately only a fully paid invoice can be exported to QuickBooks online from Mydoma Studio. If deposits must be tracked in QuickBooks, simply wait until the invoice is paid in full to export or manually create the invoice in QuickBooks and attach the complete invoice from Mydoma Studio as a PDF.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using the orange chat bubble or via

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