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How do I create a View?
How do I create a View?

Sort products within a Project by spaces, rooms, fixtures, and more!

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How to create a view:

There are 2 easy ways to create a view! First let's go through how to create a view from within "All Products and Services."

Option 1:

Once you are in the Products & Services tab, you should see all of the products and services for this project. On the right hand side, in the filters, you will want to change at least one thing for the view that you want to create. I recommend the tag contains, unless you want to see all items.

Click here

When you make this change a blue bar will show at the top of the page asking if you would like to create a view from this. You do not need to set up all changes in the filters, as it will then walk you through all the visibility settings.

***Note*** Depending on how far zoomed in or how small your screen is, you may need to scroll down in each page in the pop-up.

Click here

Option 2:

You will want to select to enter views on the top right, to look at a list of all of your views.


Then next to the option to search for a specific view is a plus icon. Select the plus to create a new view.


**Moving forward the steps are the same for both options**


The first page will ask for you to select if you want to filter by:

For these sections you will select the drop down and then select which options you would like to filter by.

  • Vendor

  • Category: After selecting a Category you will also be able to filter by a sub category

  • Types: Product, Service, Custom Product

  • Statuses: None, Proposed, Invoiced, Ordered

  • Liked: Liked, Disliked, Neither

To set these you will select the tag icon, then search/scroll for the tag you would like. Once you select the tag it will show above the search box and this will let you know it is selected.

  • Tags: Contains and Doesn't contain

Once you have these set, you will want to select "Next."


Field Visibility:

The next page is about visibility. If you would like these options visible you will leave them checked. If you do not want certain things visible, you will select the check box on the left.

  • Description

  • Product code

  • Image

  • Custom Product - Sub-items (overall)

  • Statuses

  • Tags

  • Item Notes

  • Vendor

  • Manufacturer

  • Pricing

    • Tax

    • Markup & Discount

    • Custom product - Sub-item Pricing

Once you have these set you will select "Next" to go to the final page.

Field Visibility:


The last page allows you to name the view, set a budget for this specific view, select if you would like it in table or card view, and add viewers.

**Note** View budgets are not automatically applied against the project budget. This is so that if you have a budget of $75,000 for the "Living Room" view but also a separate budget of $5,000 for "Lighting" the total for the light fixtures in the "Lighting" but also in the "Living Room" are not accounted for twice. The overall project budget still shows on the overall products and services list.


Scrolling down you will see the section to add clients and view only team members to the view.

Select the person icon below "Select Viewers." This will have a pop-up that will allow you to choose the drop down and select to choose from the clients and team members that are already assigned to the project.

**Note** Only Team Members who do not already have access to the Views (due to their User Role permissions) will show on the Select Viewers list.

**Note** You do not have to add a client to a view! Make sure to add them on the views you'd like (by room, options, presentation) and not on the ones you'd rather keep for the backend (receiver, contractor, finish schedule).

Click here

Click on the person's name and a green check will appear to show they are selected. If you wish to deselect someone you will click on their name to remove the green check mark.

Have a long list? Use the search box above the names to search for someone specific to add.

Once you are done, select "OK" to save these choices.

Click here

Click off of the pop-up and then you will be able to select "Save" to save the view!

Click here

Now when you select to "Enter Views" at the top right, you will be able to see your list of views.

Click here

You will then click on the view name to preview it.

Click here

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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