The video below shows you how to create a client, assign them to a project, invite them to log in, and how to know when they have logged in successfully.

Creating a Client

First things first, we’re going to go click on the client icon in your studio menu.

Screenshot of Studio dashboard. Clients icon is second option in Studio menu on left-hand side of studio.

That's going to take us to our Client page where you will click Add Client.

Screenshot of Clients page. Add client button is on the right-hand side of the blue action bar at the top of the page.

Type in the client's name and email address and then click the blue Create Client button.

Screenshot of a small window called

This takes us directly to the new client’s profile. You can see that, currently, the client is not added to any projects.

Screenshot of Client profile page. Current projects box on right-hand side of profile is empty.

You can fill out the client's information and add any in-house notes to yourself in the notes section. If you'd like to also keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, or something similar--really anything you want to--you can click Add Custom Field in the right-hand side of the blue action bar.

Screenshot of Client profile page. Add custom field button is on far right-hand side of the blue action bar at the top of the page.

Click it, put in the name of the field, designate what type of field it is. So, for example, if this is how you want to keep track of websites, you can do that. If you want this to be applied to all users, click the circle beside Add field to all users. Once you have it the way you'd like, click Create Custom Field.

Screenshot of small window named

Adding a Client to a Project

Open the project and go to the Project Info tab. On the right-hand side, you should see the Project Access panel. (If you don't, click on the Project Access button in the blue action bar to open the panel.)

Screenshot of Project Info page. Project Access button is in blue action bar between Sort Spaces and Open Messages.

The project access panel shows any clients that have been added to the project as well as any users on the project. To add a client, click Add client.

Screenshot of Project access panel on right-hand side of screen. Add client button is to right of Project clients header.

Click where it says "Select clients for project (can select multiple)" and select your client(s) from the drop-down menu that appears. Then click on the blue Select Client button to add the client(s).

Screenshot of small window named

Pro tip: To learn about the Visibility Toggles in your project and ensure you have them set properly, so your clients only see what you want them to, check out this article.

Inviting Your Client

Just because you have added your clients to the project does not mean that they know yet that they have been invited! You still need to invite them to your studio.

You can do that by going back to the Clients page and clicking on the client's name to open their profile. (You can see that the project and its spaces are now showing under Current Projects.) This time, we're going to click the Invite This Client button.

Screenshot of Client profile page.

You have two different options here--one is to send an invite email and one is to generate a new temporary password.

Screenshot of small window that has opened with two invitation options:

If you click Send invite email it will send the client an automated email. Your logo--that you uploaded into your studio settings--will be on it and it will include all of the information the client needs to log in: the link to your studio as well as their temporary password and the email they need to use to login.

If you click Generate a new temporary password, the system will do exactly that--generate a new temporary password. This is great if you want to send a very personalized email with their login information or if you want to sit down with the client and help them login for their very first time.

After you have invited your client, there will be a date/time stamp on their profile to refer to if needed.

Screenshot of Client profile page. Invitation sent information is on right, above Current Projects box. Current projects box now lists client's project and spaces.

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