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How do I add my returning client to my Studio?
How do I add my returning client to my Studio?

Have you worked with a client in your Studio before and they're back for more? Here are some tips on how to start their new project!

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You've signed a new contract with a returning client who has worked with you in your Studio before - how do you ensure they can see their new project and log back in?

Client Profile

Since this client has been in your Studio before, you do not need to create another profile for them. First, let's make sure their previous Client Profile is active. Search your client's name in the Client Management tab.

If your client doesn't show in the unarchived list, checkmark the Archived box.

If they are in the Archived section, you'll want to unarchive their profile. Click the three dots by the client's name and click Unarchive.

If your client's studio access is still Active, you do not need to re-invite them to your Studio. If they've forgotten their password, they are able to use the forgot password link near the sign in "submit" button.

Login and Forgot Password

However, if your client's studio access is listed as Inactive, be sure to Invite the Client to your Studio.

Last but not least, you'll add your client to their new project!

**Note** If for any reason you want to the clients to only see their current project be sure to remove them from their previous project.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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