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Inviting a Client to your Studio
Inviting a Client to your Studio

Invite your clients to your Studio so they can see the Projects you've added them to, whether for the first time or for a returning client.

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Inviting Your Client - Existing Clients

If your client forgot their password

If your client forgot their password, they are able to use the forgot password link near the sign in "submit" button.

Login and Forgot Password

***Note*** If you have an active client and need to re-invite them, you will need to deactivate the client and then you will have the option to invite them again.

If your client needs to be reinvited

To deactivate a client, go into your client management index by clicking on the person icon on the left navigation menu. Once here, you will need to select the more menu ( 3-dots) on the left of their name.

Then select the option Deactivate.

***Note*** You will want to leave them as Inactive. This is because when you invite them that will switch them to show as Invited. Then when they create their password this will make them Active on their own!

From here you will go into the client's profile and select Send Invite at the top right (on computer) or bottom right (on a mobile device).

Inviting Your Client - New Clients

**Note** If the client purchased a package from you, their Client Profile was created at the time of purchase and they do not need to be invited to your Studio.

Are you ready to take your client relationships to the next level? It's time to invite them into their very own client portal! This powerful tool will allow them to access all the information they need, from project updates to important documents, with just a few clicks. With this exciting feature you can stay connected with your clients like never before building trust and loyalty with every interaction. So let's dive in and explore the process of inviting your clients into their own client portal and unlocking a whole new level of collaboration and communication!

When you are ready to invite a client you will want to go into your client management index by clicking on the person icon on the left navigation menu. Once here, you will click the Add client button. On a computer this option will be in the action bar just above your client list. On a tablet or phone this may be on the bottom right corner as a +.

You must include a first name, last name, and a unique email address (the email cannot have been used anywhere else in your studio). Adding a phone number is optional, as are selecting a client type, client source, and/or adding tags.

Click the Add button to simply add the new client OR click the down carrot beside the Add button and choose from one of three options:

  • Add & invite

  • Add & open

  • Add & create new (this is especially helpful when you need to quickly create several new clients and/or leads at once)

If you add and invite the client, their studio access will be listed as Invited.

If you only added the client, their studio access will be listed as Inactive and you will need to open their profile to invite them.

Once you are in the client's profile, click on the Send Invite button at the top right (on computer) or bottom right (on a mobile device).

When you invite the client, a generic message will populate for you, and you are able to customize the message for them. Then finalize the inviting process by choosing Send Invite.

Save and invite

If you invited a client by mistake or need to revoke the invitation for any reason you will enter the client profile and select Revoke Invitation, just below the blue invited badge.

Invitations are only active for a limited time (three days). If the client does not login in the allotted time, the invitation will expire. You will need to enter the client profile and click the Resend button beside the blue invited badge.

Pro Tip: It's good practice to give your clients a heads up that you will be sending a studio invitation and to let them know that for security reasons it will time out--their prompt attention is appreciated.

Here is an example of the invitation email that they will receive. It lists how long the link will be active at the bottom of the email.

Clients will select "Create Your Password" to go to your studio and create a password.

They will see a similar page to this and enter what they would like their password to be. Once they select "Set Password" they will be redirected to their dashboard inside the studio.

Create Password

Their Studio Access will also change to Active after they have logged in for the first time.


When they want to login in the future they will go to your studio login page and enter their email and password.

Login and Forgot Password

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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