Inviting Your Client

Just because you have added your clients to the project does not mean that they know yet that they have been invited! You still need to invite them to your studio.

**Note** If the client purchased a package from you, their Client Profile was created at the time of purchase and they do not need to be invited to your Studio.

You can invite a client to your Studio by going to the Clients tab and clicking on the client's name to open their profile. (You can see that the project and its spaces are now showing under Current Projects.) This time, we're going to click the Invite This Client button.

You have two different options here--one is to send an invite email and one is to generate a new temporary password.

If you click Generate and email password you can choose to include a personalized message or send the client the automated email.

With both emails, personalized or automated, it will include the logo you uploaded into your studio settings as well as all of the information the client needs to login: the link to your studio, their temporary password, the email to login, and instructions on how to change their password to something more memorable.

To send a personalized Invite email, type your Message in the text box, then click "Generate and email password."

Once you click "Generate and email password" you'll receive a confirmation that the email has been sent as well as see the client's temporary password (in case you want to help them first login). Click "Done" to exit.

So, what does the client receive? The email will go into your client's inbox under Mydoma with the subject line "Invite from **insert your business name here.**"

If you sent the automated email, the body will say: "Login to view and collaborate on your design projects with Marigold. You can access your projects with Marigold from within the studio at any point."

Whereas a personalized message, will override the automated email body text.

If you click Generate a new temporary password, the system will do exactly that--generate a new temporary password. This is great if you want to send a very personalized email with their login information, want to sit down with the client and help them login for their very first time, or if your client has forgotten their password.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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