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Editing and Customizing Orders
Editing and Customizing Orders

Edit and customize your Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Estimate Requests.

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Editing and Customizing Orders


Change the status of the purchase order as needed. The item(s) will automatically update the products and services with an order status. For example, if you change the status of an order to ship- the items on the proposal will receive the “ordered: shipped” tag.

Change Order Status in Order

To change the overall order status select the "Pencil" icon on the top right of the order information.

Then click the "Status" dropdown menu.

This will show you a list of order Statuses you can choose from. Once you have selected a status, click "Done" on the bottom right of the pop-up.

Change Order Status in Project Order Index

To add or change the Status of an order from a project's order index screen, click on the three dots beside the order to open its "More" menu.

Then select "Edit Status".

Click on the down arrow to open the dropdown list and select the status you'd like to apply to the order.

Then select "Save".

Your order's new status will now show.

Status Notes

Internal notes for you and your team. To add a status note, click "Add Status Note."

From here you can type any note you want to leave. Once you are done be sure to click "Save" at the bottom right corner.

To edit a status note, select the three dots on the far right, then click "Edit."

**Note** You can have multiple Status Notes. If you don't see a note you've added to this order, be sure to click the " v " by Status Notes.

To delete a status note, select the three dots on the far right, to open the More menu then click "Delete."

Shipping Address

Type in the shipping address or choose one from your list of addresses. Select the three dots on the far right of the shipping address field, to open the More menu then click "Select an existing Address" or "Enter an address."

"Select an existing address" will include addresses you have included in your studio settings such as receivers, your business address, and any client addresses.

"Enter an address" will allow you to type in an address.

Edit or remove the address, by selecting the three dots on the far right of the Shipping Address field, to open the More menu. Select whichever action you wish to perform, "Edit address" or "Remove address."


Add in specific notes/ instructions to your vendor directly on the line items. Click "Add notes" and type out what you want. When you are done you will click "Save."

Pro Tip This is a great place to notate your selections for custom products.

Public Note

You can also leave a note for the vendor by selecting the "Public Note."

These notes are anything you want to include that is not already part of the Order header/footer that is set in your Studio Settings.

Once you are done, select "Save."


Attach any supporting documents here. A drawing, sketch, photograph or more can accompany the PO.

Select "Add files," then upload any document you want to attach.

To add images, drawings, and sketches, select "Upload files" on the right hand side. This will show a popup and allow you to pull images from your media gallery, drag and drop images, paste an image address from a public website, or browse from your computer files.

Be sure to select "Upload" at the bottom right to finalize the upload.

Once you have uploaded the file(s) you may Edit or Remove it by selecting either option on the right of each file.

The "pencil" icon is if you want to Edit the file name and the "-" is if you would like to Remove the file.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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