You can create both purchase orders or work orders in Mydoma. 

Purchase orders are used for products and work orders are typically used for labor. 

Orders are built off of the products or services you've added to a proposal. It’s best practice to assign products to vendors because orders are created by vendor. Once items have been added to an order they are automatically tagged as “ordered” on the proposal. Orders for an entire project can be found at the project level. Clicking into orders at the project level will show you a dashboard of all orders for the project and their status. 

How to create a new purchase order? 

  1. From within the proposal click order/ invoice at the top of the action bar 

  2. Choose order 

  3. On the right click “select vendor”

  4. Assign an order number 

  5. Click “create order” 

  6. A window with available products by the vendor appears. Select the products or services you’d like to add to your purchase order. If no vendor has been assigned to a service it will be available to add to the purchase order 

  7. Click add items to order 

  8. Edit/ customize your order 

Editing and Customizing Orders

Status:  Change the status of the purchase order as needed. The item(s) will automatically update on the proposal with an order status. For example if you change the status of an order to shipped- the items on the proposal will receive the “ordered:shipped” tag

Shipping Address: Type in the shipping address or choose one from your list of addresses

Notes: Add in specific notes/ instructions to your vendor 

Status Notes: Internal notes for you and your team

Add PO file: Attach a drawing, sketch, photograph to accompany the PO

How to send an order to a vendor? 

From within the order, click download / or send in the top action bar. Click “also send to vendor” Customize your message as you like and click “email PDF to vendor” 

Can I send an estimate request to a vendor?   

Yes! If you’re looking to get pricing on products create purchase order and click “download/ send” from the top action bar.  Click estimate request and download the pdf or email direct to your vendor

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