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How to Create a Project
How to Create a Project

Create projects in your Studio to share all details of a Project with your clients and team members.

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How to create a project?

Click "Create project" in the Quick Actions box within your Studio Dashboard or go to your Projects tab and click "+ Add Project" in the top right corner.

At this stage you can select a Project Template or start from scratch. You can also select a start and end date, select the current status, and toggle the features needed for the project.

As you scroll down within the creating a New Project box, you'll see a "Select features" section with toggles.

Appointments: You can easily let your clients book appointments directly in your studio by embedding your calendar software. Mydoma Studio works with Calendly, Acuity, Google. If you'd like to embed another software please email us

Files & Media: Create shareable folders that can be just about anything from files to embed code to a video URL. Files need to be saved as a pdf, doc, docx, skp, xls, xlsx, dwg, numbers, zip, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, webp file. You can have as many or as few groups as you like. You can upload multiple files to a file group, too.

Moodboards: Create multiple dynamic moodboards with products, images, and text to visualize a project and its inspiration.

Notes: Stay organized with project related notes and checklists that you and your clients can view or edit. You can share notes and checklists with your clients or just create them for the team!

Proposals: Create proposals for clients to view and approve.

Questionnaires: You can easily let your clients fill out questionnaires directly in your studio by embedding your questionnaires from other softwares. Mydoma Studio works with Google Forms, JotForm, and Survey Monkey. If you'd like to embed another software please email us

**Note** You can change the toggled features after you've created the project. Once you've toggled the features you'd like to include in the project, click "Next."

Now you can add clients and team members to the project. Click on the dropdown to select an existing client and team member or click on the " + " next to each dropdown to create a new client or team member. Once you've added the appropriate people to the project, click "Create."

Once you click "Create" the menu for the project overview will open up, allowing you to start building out your project.

**Note** If you do not see some of the tabs mentioned below, it means the features (mentioned above) were not toggled on for this specific project.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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