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Creating Projects with Max
Creating Projects with Max

How to use Max, the digital assistant, to create a new project

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Max, your friendly digital assistant who can help you maximize your workflow, maximize your time, and maximize your profits, can now assist you with project creation!

Just give Max the key project details, select any templates you'd like to use, and make sure the features you want are turned on and Max will get your project set up for you.

Project creation with Max is available on Professional, Professional Team, and Enterprise plans.

Getting Started

In your studio's Projects Index, you will see a new Create with Max button beside the + Add Project button.

Larger screens:

Smaller screens:

Click the button to have Max help you create your project.

Project Details

The first thing Max needs are the key details of your project.

Suggested details:

  • Project Name

  • Budget

  • Start and/or end date

  • Products & Services Views that you'd like Max to create

  • Files & Media Folders that you'd like Max to create

  • Team members and Clients on the project

You can type a paragraph (Example A), list the details one by one (Example B)

Example A: The project will be a custom new-build home that includes four bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a dining room, a great room, a kitchen, two home offices, and a laundry room. I need a view for each of the rooms. The budget is $1.5 million and the timeline is from 1 January 2024 to 1 June 2025. I will need folders for the warranty and maintenance info, inspiration images, drawings, vendor estimates, welcome packet, questionnaire responses, and progress photos. I will also need views for the plumbing schedule, the lighting schedule, finish schedule, furniture schedule. The client is John Smith. Team members are Sara Holiday and Maeve Branch.

Example B: Project Name: Orange Grove Reno

Budget: $195,000

Start date: tomorrow

End date: August 1, 2024

Views: Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen

Folders: Welcome Packet, Inspiration Images, Care & Maintenance Info, Drawings

Team members and Clients on the project: Josh Williams and George Woodroof

Once you've given Max the details, click Continue.

Select Your Templates

If you have created templates for Contracts, Questionnaires, Tasks, and/or Design Boards, Max will ask you to choose which ones you'd like to add to this project. Click on the template type to select a template:

Don't have any templates, but want to create them? Find out more here:

Select all of the templates that you'd like to add by clicking on their name. You can select more than one template. When you're done, click OK.

After you've finished selecting all the templates you need, click Continue.

Review the Summary

The last step is to review the summary and turn off any project features that you don't need.

Scroll down to see the Views and Folders that Max will be creating for you. You can click on the name of any View or Folder to edit it or click the X beside the item to remove it.

Please note: Max is only creating the views and folders for you. After the project has been created, you will need to edit the filters and field visibilities for each view and add any clients or view-only team members to the appropriate views and folders.

After you've reviewed all of the items, click Continue.

You're all set!

Choose where in the project you'd like to go first, then click Let's Go!. If you don't choose a location, Max will automatically take you to the Project Overview.

Please note: The project that Max creates for you will be Unpublished by default.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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