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How to Create Task Templates
How to Create Task Templates

Easily create tasks, copy and duplicate tasks in your projects using Task Templates

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Already created your task? use this link to jump down in the article for how to save it as a template.

Creating a Task

You are able to Create a new task a few different ways. You can go into the overall Task Manager, go into the Task Manager section from within a project, or select "Create Task" in the left-hand navigation menu to create a task from anywhere in your studio.

If you go to "Task Manager," you will then need to select New Task in the upper right-hand corner.

If you clicked "Task Manager" first, click New Task in the upper right-hand corner. If you clicked "Create Task" the steps are the same from here on out.

Task Name:

First you will want to update the Task Name. To do this select the pencil icon at the top left of the task and a new pop-up will appear. Then you can edit what you would like the name of the Task to be and select: "Save."

Edit the Task Name


You are able to update the status of a task at the top left. The options are: To Do, In Progress, or Done. To change the status click on the drop down, and click on the Status you would like.

Change the Status


Also at the top left is the priority level. To change the priority you will click on the priority icon and it will let you select between Low, Medium, or High Priority.

Change the Priority


There are different people that can be assigned to a Task, Assignees and Watchers. Both clients and Team members can be assigned to the task as an assignee or watcher. The Assignees are the person/people meant to do the task. While the Watchers are assigned to be able to follow along with a task as it progresses.

Add any Assignees or Watchers

To add someone as an Assignee/Watcher, Click the person icon just below Assignees/Watchers. Depending on which you would like to add. Then it will show a drop down option. From here you can click on the drop down and search for names in the search box, or scroll through and click on the names you would like to add. You will know they are selected by a green check mark on the right of their name.

If you accidentally selected someone click on their name again to remove the check mark. Then select "OK" to save.

Start/End Date:

Next you can indicate when you want the task to start and when the task is due. To add the Start/End Date, select the field, then you can select the day you want.

Change the Start and End Date

If you would like to change the month you can select the arrows at the top right corner. To change the year you can select the month and year in the middle to then choose the year.

Click on highlight

If you would rather type in the date, you will select the pencil icon at the bottom left to switch the view. Then you will be able to type in the date, Month/Day/Year. Of course if you would like to switch back to the calendar view you may select the calendar icon at the bottom left.


Select which project this task is assigned to. To set the project, you will select the drop down, and then select the project you would like to assign this to.

If you accidentally selected the wrong project you can use the drop down again. To remove the project you will select the X on the right of the project name.

Link the Task to a Project


To help with filtering, or associating a task with a view/room/category, you are able to add tags to the task. Click the tag icon on the left with the dotted box to select which tags you would like.

Add any tags


Here you can further describe what needs to be done for the task in a freeform way. Click inside the box to start typing, and you have a few formatting options here as well.

Add a Description

Pro Tip: If you want to add a checklist to the task, go ahead and create the task and then edit the Task. This will allow for more options.

Lastly, click "Create" at the bottom right corner to save the task!

Click "Create"


To Save your task as a Task Template:

Click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner.

To Save a Task as a Task Template:

Give the template a name:

Template Name:

Give your Template a Description.

Template Description:

To save your template, click on the Create button in the bottom right corner.

Click the Create Button:

How to add a Task Template to a Project:

When you are creating a new task, you will select the clipboard at the top right corner. This will then show you all of your task templates.

You can select and search for a specific template here. To select the template, simply click on the version you want.

It will show you an outline and the information that it includes/will pull over. You will click "Select template."

This will then add all of the information and you will select the project you want it on and make any adjustments.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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