Prepaid Block of Hours

Create and keep track of a Prepaid Block of Hours for your design clients

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Some designers will have a block of hours or a retainer fee collected before they start working on the client's project. In this article, we will show you how to create the invoice for this prepaid block of hours and how you can track your time and mark it against the prepaid block of hours they've paid you.

Getting Paid for a Prepaid Block of Hours

Create an invoice or package for a block of hours.

Creating a Client Credit for a Block of Hours

After package has been purchased or invoice has been paid, add a credit in that amount to the client's profile. Make sure to reference the purchased package or invoice #.

**Note** Be sure to only add the credit to one client per project / package. If you have a husband and wife, select one of their profiles to apply the credit to.

The prepaid block of hours can now be applied as a payment on invoices.

**Note** If the Credit amount is less than the remaining balance on an Invoice, you'll create an Additional Payment to mark as paid via the Client Credit.

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