Navigating Tasks

Navigate through the different things you can do with tasks!

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Navigating Tasks

Where to find Tasks:

Your tasks are located in the calendar on your dashboard. If you have task admin permissions you will also see your team's tasks throughout as well.

Find ALL of your tasks in the "Task Manager" on the left-hand navigation menu.

You are also able to find current Tasks linked to a specific project in the Overview within the Project.

All Tasks linked to a specific project in the Task Manager tab within the Project.


What is in a task:

Task Name:

At the very top left you will see the task name. To edit the name you will click on the pencil icon on the right.

Task Name


You are able to update the status of a task at the top left. The options are: To Do, In Progress, or Done. To change the status click on the drop down, or select the check mark to mark it done automatically.



Also at the top left is the priority level. To change the priority you will click on the priority and it will let you select between Low, Medium, or High Priority.



There are different people that can be assigned to a Task, Assignees and Watchers. Both clients and Team members can be assigned to the task as an assignee or watcher. The Assignees are the person/people meant to do the task. While the Watchers are assigned to be able to follow along with a task as it progresses.

Assignees & Watchers

Copy Task Link:

Copy the direct link to the task to easily share with clients or team members.

Copy Task Link

Start/End Date:

At the top right you have when you want the task to start and when the task is due. To edit these you click on the start/end sate and select the day from the calendar

Start & End Date

Tracked Time:

You can see the overall tracked time for the task, start a timer entry, or enter in a time entry manually.

Tracked Time


See which project this task is assigned to. To remove the project you will select the X on the right of the project name. To change the project you will select the drop down, and then select the project you would like to assign this to.



To help with filtering, or associating a task with a view/room/category, you are able to add tags to the task. Click the tag icon on the left with the dotted box to edit which tags you would like.



Here you can further describe what needs to be done for the task in a freeform way.



You are also able to add a checklist for any subtasks that need to be done to complete the overall task. When looking at your task management section you are also able to see a progress bar below the task as you check items off.



Have a place for you, your team, and your clients to upload image and files to a task. You are able to move Task attachments to Files & Media inside a project as well from here.



Add comments to update where you are on the task or communicate with those on the task. Comments are visible to everyone assigned to a task as an assignee or a watcher.


Search and Filter in Task Manager:

Easily search through tasks to find specific tasks you may be looking for. You can search by task name, project, status, priority, tags, archived or active, date (newest to oldest or oldest to newest), and priority tiers (highest to lowest or lowest to highest).


If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

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