You now have the ability to set a category to a vendor. Vendors can be either a supplier or a service provider. Once you’ve set a category you have the option to add a subcategory to help you better organize your vendors. Subcategories are added by you.

Example vendor subcategories are: Furniture, plumbing, contractor, workroom, fabric, tile etc.

How to Categorize VendorsClick the " category" drop down and choose "service provider" or "supplier". Categorize your vendors for better organization and searching capabilities.

How to Add a vendor subcategory: 

To add a subcategory start typing the subcategory name in the “subcategory” box and click enter when done. 

How to Search for a Vendor:

You can search your Vendors by clicking the search/ filter button in the top left of the navigation bar from within the Vendors section. Easily search by Vendor name, category, subcategory and active/ archived.

Upload Files to Vendor Profile: 

You can now upload files to the Vendor Profile now. Here's how:

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