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Connecting Mydoma to QuickBooks Online
Connecting Mydoma to QuickBooks Online

Mydoma- QuickBooks Online API Connection!!

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To get started with exporting your paid invoices from Mydoma Studio to QuickBooks Online, the first step is to connect your Mydoma Studio account to your QuickBooks Online account. This connection allows for smooth integration and data transfer between the two platforms.

*** Please Note: You MUST be logged in as the Account Owner

in order to set this up.***

1) From within your Mydoma Studio account click on your logomark/studio name at the top left > Studio settings > Accounting > connect to QuickBooks. This is only be available to Team and Agency plan subscribers. If you are on a Solo or Basic plan, click here to find out more information on different subscription tiers.

You are also able to upgrade your studio in the Billing tab in your studio settings.

2) If you’re not currently signed into your QuickBooks online account in another tab you will be prompted to sign in. You must have a separate subscription to QuickBooks Online. To see more about their plans you can check it out on their website here.

3) Once signed into your QuickBooks online account, you will be prompted to authorize the Mydoma Studio app to connect to your QuickBooks account. If successful you’ll be redirected back to Mydoma Studio!

Once your account has been successfully connected, you'll be able to confirm the successful integration by checking for the presence of category options in your Mydoma Studio account.

It will also give you the option to "Disconnect from QuickBooks."

These fields should be empty to start. You will want to go through and map out your products and services before you start sending invoices.

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Happy designing!

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