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Moving to Mydoma NEXT
Moving to Mydoma NEXT Guide
Moving to Mydoma NEXT Guide

Your guide to helping you transfer from Mydoma 2.0 to Mydoma NEXT as easily as possible.

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We want to make transitioning to Mydoma NEXT as easy as possible. This page contains everything you need to prepare for the transfer, during, and after! This guide also includes FAQ questions, support contacts, and more! If you have any questions, please message in app using the chat box to speak directly with a member of our team at any point in the process.

Quick Links

Before Your Scheduled Transfer Date

Get ahead of the curve by understanding the fundamental (and awesome!) workflow change with Mydoma NEXT.

  • Learn about new features in our Demo Video

  • Watch the recorded training - Here is the link to the recording

  • Check out all the new features! We keep this one updated

  • Give NEXT a test drive in a test account. Email for access.

  • Learn how to prepare clients and users for the workflow changes in NEXT using this handy Client Onboarding guide.

During the Scheduled Transfer Day/ Time

Our development team will do all the heavy lifting. Your job is to please make sure you, your team, and your clients do not log in until you have received your transfer complete confirmation email ensure data integrity.

After the Transfer to Mydoma NEXT Is Complete

Congratulations you're now on the newest version of Mydoma Studio!

All of your data was transferred over, however everyone uses Mydoma Studio a bit differently. Change can always be a bit disruptive. Rather than making organizational decisions for you, we have created a checklist (with videos) of a few housekeeping things to do after the transfer is complete. At any point, feel free to message our team in app if you have questions or need assistance.


We recommend Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox when accessing your Studio.

Moving to Mydoma NEXT Housekeeping Checklist

Please watch each of these short videos. (They're less than one minute each.) They will help you organize your studio the way that's best for your business.

1. Confirm QuickBooks Online and Stripe Are Connected


During your studio’s move to Mydoma NEXT, it’s possible that your Stripe and/or QuickBooks connections may have been disconnected.

To check your Stripe connection:

  • Click your logo mark in the top left and select Studio Settings, then click Payments.

  • If you see "Disconnect from Stripe button" you're still connect and no action i s needed

  • If you see a "A Connect to Stripe button" you need to reconnect your Stripe account. Click the button and follow the instructions.

To check your QuickBooks Online connection:

  • Click your logomark in the top left and select Studio Settings, then click the "Accounting tab"

  • If you see the "The Disconnect from QuickBooks" button you're still connected and no action is needed.

  • If you see "A Connect to QuickBooks" you will need to reconnect your QuickBooks Online account. Click the button and follow the instructions

  • You’ll also want to make sure your product categories are mapped to the correct QuickBooks accounts. You can do this quickly by clicking on the drop-down and selecting the appropriate account in QuickBooks.

2. Uninstall Old Product Clipper and Install the NEW Product Clipper

Mydoma NEXT has its own, dedicated Product Clipper, so you’ll want to make sure you have the correct one installed. First, you should uninstall or remove any old product clippers (bookmarklet or browser extension).

3. Adjust Visibility Controls on Views (Previously Called Spaces)

  • In Mydoma NEXT, Views are the new Spaces. We’ve given you more controls than ever before over who sees what information.

  • We have been very conservative about what your clients and view-only team members can see by default.

    • Clients have not been added to space views

    • Grouped products have been collapsed and individual sub-item pricing visibility has been turned off

    • Product Code/Vendor/Manufacturer visibilities in views have all been turned off.

  • Step 1: You’ll need to check view visibility settings to make sure that you have everything turned on/off the way you’d like it.

  • Step 2: Add your clients to the views you want them to see.

4. Archive Package Projects and Ensure Packages Have Categories as Needed

In Mydoma NEXT, purchased packages convert directly to projects. This means all of your purchased packages will be projects.

If you'd like, you can clean up your unwanted projects by archiving them.

  • On your project dashboard you will see 3 little dots in the top, right corner of project cards. Click on the three dots, and then click Archive

In Mydoma NEXT, categories are required for your packages. This means that if your package does not have a category it will show an error.

  • Step 1: Go into your packages

  • Step 2: Look to see if any packages do not have a category listed. In this example, the top row all shows a category listed on the bottom left, above the price. The bottom row does not have a category listed.

  • Step 3: Go into any packages with no categories and add a category.

5. Update/Remove Tags From Old Project Spaces and Archive Unneeded Tags

In Mydoma NEXT, you’re now able to add tags to products and services (and many other items) in your project Products & Services list.

Tags are simply labels that you apply to the products and services to give you a bit more information

  • We’ve added a tag to each of your existing project products and services that matches the space they belonged to in the previous version. For example. If you had products in the "living room" space we have added a tag called "living room" for you.

  • Moving forward, you may find it easier to have one specific set of space tags. We recommend that you edit existing tags, or create new space tags, and give them a unique color.

  • If you'd like, you can archive any tags that you don't need.

6. Adjust Design Boards (Previously Called Moodboards) if Needed

In Mydoma NEXT, we’ve upgraded the moodboard feature. Because of this, you may need to make some adjustments to your existing moodboards.

  • The first time you click into an existing design board, you’ll need to click into it, then click the "back button" and then click into the design board again.

  • This only has to be done on moodboards that have been moved from Mydoma version 2 and helps the images to properly load into the design board.

  • Design boards have specific sizes, so your images will be in the correct locations but you may need to adjust the image sizes accordingly.

7. Archive/Edit Messages as Needed

In Mydoma NEXT, we’ve upgraded to a new, cleaner message center. No more automatic creation of project conversations - instead, you get to choose exactly who sees which conversation.

All of your messages are sorted alphabetically based on the project or space name associated with them. You have the ability to edit the name, add or remove people from the conversation, or archive the conversation completely. You can even mark conversations as unread!

Mydoma NEXT FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do I log into Mydoma NEXT?

You will continue to log in at the same URL you were using before.

For example:

You will login with your email and password you originally set.

Do my team members, outside partners, or clients need to do anything differently to log in after the transfer?

Nope! They will continue to login at the same place. No action is need on their part!

What will happen to all my projects, files, etc.?

All of your projects, files, clients, products, and messages will be automatically transferred to the new version of Mydoma.

Is my pricing staying the same?

Yes, your pricing for Mydoma Studio will remain the same.

Support for Mydoma NEXT

We know even the best changes can be disruptive. That's why you have our team and help resources at your fingertips as you transition to Mydoma NEXT. If you are experiencing any issues our team is here to support you. Here's how to get in touch.

Check out the help guides

Our designer success team has built many tutorials and help guides for you to follow along at your own pace. Try searching for an answer to your question. You can see all the help articles here. Alternatively, click the question mark box in the top right hand side of your account when logged in.

Watch the recorded overview workshop

This will be best use of your time! This will be covering fundamental workflow changes and we are happy to answer your questions through chat.

Contact Us!

Click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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