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Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.16.0
Mydoma NEXT Updates - 3.16.0

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2023-12-04

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Your friendly digital assistant who can help you maximize your workflow, maximize your time, maximize your profits; Max is now available in the Projects section of your studio to assist you with project creation. (This feature is only available on Professional or higher plans)

Internal Back Buttons

Internal back buttons have been added throughout the studio for easier navigation. Look for the arrow in the left-hand corner next to the page name at the top of any page to go back to the previous page

Environmental Impact

Products and services now have a field to input their Carbon Dioxide Equivalent and projects and views now have environmental impact budgets.

Orders: Taxable Shipping

Taxable shipping is now more clearly displayed on orders and the totals on order reports.


Client Management

Clicking on the sort chip beside the segments dropdown will now open the filter panel when the filter panel is closed.

Design Board Image Controls

The design board resize button will no longer get hidden behind the images on top of the layer you're trying to adjust.

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