Mydoma Integrates with Quickbooks in a single way push method, this mean that you can only export fully paid invoices to Quickbooks, this is done to avoid any confusions and/ or complications occurring at later stage.

Creating Invoices and Accepting Payments

The goal here is to reduce extra effort on your part. Ideally to have this integration work as efficiently as possible you should be using these steps:

  1. Create Invoices directly from the Proposal click on the link to learn more about creating invoices correctly and efficiently.

  2. Send the invoice to the client to pay via email in Mydoma Studio or alternatively accept another payment method and use the “mark as paid” feature in Mydoma Studio

  3. Only once the invoice has been paid can it be successfully exported to Quickbooks.

General Tips 

  • You can export invoices that you have previously accepted payment for in Mydoma Studio.

  • BUT only export invoices to QuickBooks that you haven’t already manually entered. 

  • You CANNOT export an invoice with negative total to QuickBooks

  • You can export invoice with a balance of $0

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