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Exporting an Invoice to QuickBooks Online
Exporting an Invoice to QuickBooks Online

How to export your Invoices to QuickBooks

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Exporting an Invoice to QuickBooks Online

Mydoma Studio integrates with QuickBooks using a single-way push method, which means that only fully paid invoices can be exported to QuickBooks. This approach is designed to prevent any confusion or complications that may arise at a later stage.

The main objective of this integration is to minimize your effort. To ensure the smoothest operation of the integration, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Create Invoices: Learn more about creating invoices correctly and efficiently in Mydoma Studio using the related articles at the bottom of this article.

  2. Send the Invoice to the Client: You can send the invoice to the client via email using Mydoma Studio's built-in functionality. Alternatively, you can accept payment through another method and manually mark the invoice as paid in Mydoma Studio.

  3. Export to QuickBooks: Once the invoice has been fully paid, you can click on the "Export to QuickBooks" option. This will initiate the export process and transfer the relevant invoice details to QuickBooks.

By following these steps, you can streamline the integration between Mydoma Studio and QuickBooks, allowing for efficient handling of invoices and ensuring that only paid invoices are exported to QuickBooks.

General Tips

  • You can export invoices that you have previously accepted payment for in Mydoma Studio.

  • BUT only export invoices to QuickBooks that you haven’t already manually entered.

  • Once you have sent an invoice to QuickBooks you WILL NOT be able to send it again.

    It would cause errors in your books, so for your protection it is set to not be able to resend. If you need to make edits you will need to make edits in both Mydoma and QuickBooks separately. So be sure everything is correct before you send your invoice.

  • You CANNOT export an invoice with negative total to QuickBooks/

  • You can export invoice with a balance of $0 as long as it has been marked paid in Mydoma.

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