Contracts are found under projects. The contract section will initially be blank. Create contracts from scratch, copy and paste from existing documents or start with an uploaded contract template and modify on a per project basis. 

How to Create a Contract and or Upload a Contract?

  1. Simply start typing or copy and past your contract. If copying and pasting from another document be sure to use "plain text" paste. This will remove visible or hidden existing formatting that might make your contract misbehave.

  2. Format your contract using the basic text editor

  3. When done, click "ready for client acceptance". Taking this action will have the contract show up for the client to review and sign off. ** Make sure the project is also set to "visible to client" **

  4. The contract status on your project dashboard changes to "waiting for client".  The contract status will update after the client accepts.

  5. Click "view as client" in the top action bar. You will see the view from your clients perspective. This is a great way to double check before having them sign off. 

  6. Click on the +Add files button to upload a PDF or a word document of your contract.

How to Send Contracts to Clients?

We don't email contracts to clients. The intended workflow is to have clients log into your studio, review and approve the contract online. 

  1. After you've created your contract click contract "ready for client acceptance". Taking this action will have the contract show up for the client to review and sign off. 

  2. If you were to upload the file into contracts menu, click on the 3 dots across the file and make it visible to the client.

  3. Message your client to tell them the contract is ready. 

  4. Client logs in, reviews the contract and clicks "accept" and fills out required info.

  5. You'll receive a notification that the contract has been accepted by your client. 

Are clients automatically notified that a contract is ready?
No they are not. This is intentional in the event that you need to make edits the client isn't being notified each time. We recommend you contact your client directly to let them know the contract is ready for their review and approval. 

How many contracts can I have?
You can have "multiple contracts per project".

This is particularly helpful if you require any revisions or additional documents.

Can I undo a signed contract?
Once a contract is signed it is locked. This mean neither you or the client can make changes to the original because it is a legally binding document. 

Why can't my client see the contract?
The project needs to be "visible" to client and the contract needs to be set to "ready for acceptance"

What are contract statuses?
There are three contract status': “waiting for client” “not sent to client” and “client accepted” 

What if my client doesn't want to log in, can I download a PDF of my contract?
yes you can! click "generate PDF" in the top action bar of the contracts section. You can save the PDF for printing or emailing directly to your client

Can I access saved templates?
Yes you can! You can create basic contract templates for different types of projects. Contract templates can be modified on a per project basis. Learn more about contract templates here. 

How many clients can sign off on a contract?
At this time you can have multiple clients on a project but only one client can sign off on the contract. 

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