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Packages: Basics
Packages: Basics
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Packages are a great way for you to create additional revenue. Some examples of packages are a Discovery Call, Initial Consultation, Block of Design Time, Designer for a Day, Gift Certificates, Shop-a-Room, and more!

How to add a Package?

Go to your Packages tab and click "+ Add Package" in the top right corner.

Create a Package Name and add a category then click "Save."

Categories will show in the upper right-hand corner of your Studio's landing login page for easily shoppable packages for current clients.

What's included in a package?

Info: Add a price to your package, create a description for clients to see before and after they purchase the package, link to related packages, or upload a feature and teaser images.

***Important: To be able to add a price to a package and charge before they can access the information, you will need to have Stripe set up in your studio settings***

Questionnaires: You can easily let your clients fill out questionnaires directly in your studio by embedding your questionnaires from other softwares. Mydoma Studio works with Google Forms, JotForm, and Survey Monkey. If you'd like to embed another software please email us

Learn more about Questionnaires

Appointments: You can easily let your clients book appointments directly in your studio by embedding your calendar software. Mydoma Studio works with Calendly, Acuity, Google. If you'd like to embed another software please email us

Products & Services: Add products, services, and custom product combinations in the form of Views to help manage project quantities, markups, and discounts.

Files & Media: Create shareable folders that can be just about anything from files to embed code to a video URL. Files need to be saved as a pdf, doc, docx, skp, xls, xlsx, dwg, numbers, zip, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, webp file. You can have as many or as few groups as you like. You can upload multiple files to a file group, too.

Moodboards: Create multiple dynamic moodboards with products, images, and text to visualize a package and its inspiration.

How to Publish and Share a Package

To publish a package, you'll check the box marked "Published." This will allow your package to be shared via social media, through your website, and on your Studio landing page!

If you also check "Unlisted" your package will be published but only those you choose to share the link with will have access to the package - great for family and friends or custom packages.

The easiest way to see if a package is purchase is to look at the globe icon in the bottom right-hand corner. If there's a slash through it, the package is not published.

To share a package to social media or with a client, you'll want to grab the Store Page URL by hitting "Copy." Simply paste and your clients or followers will be able to click on the link to view and purchase the package!

What will the client see?

Once the client clicks "Purchase" they'll be asked to put in their payment information. **Important Note** If your client already has a login to your Studio, they will need to login first. If they do not already have a profile within your Studio, this will allow them to create one to access their package(s).

Once they approve the terms and confirm payment, they'll see your Post Purchase information along with any additional items you've added into the Package such as Appointments, Questionnaires, etc.

How to Archive a Package

Click the three vertical dots next to the Package you'd like to archive and click "Archive."

How to Unarchive a Package

Check the box marked "Archived" in the Search/Filter bar of the packages menu. Click the three vertical dots next to the Package you'd like to unarchive and click "Unarchive."

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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